Remember that scene in A Christmas Story when the kid freezes his tongue on a metal pole? We’re not saying that’s the risk you run if you wait till the cold weather arrives to install a new chain link fence. Nor are we claiming our contractors are going to freeze their hands building your shiny new chain link fence. (We do wear gloves during cold weather at Northeastern Fences!)

But we are saying now is the time to make it easy on yourself and everybody else. When it comes to construction, the last thing anyone wants to do is contend with the Upstate New York wintry elements. Whether it’s digging holes for posts or setting cement, don’t wait for the cold weather to set in. Northeastern Fences’ professionals are ready to design and install your chain link or vinyl chain link fence today.

As your chain link fence experts in the Capital Region, eastern New York and western Massachusetts, Northeastern Fences offers a diverse array of chain link fence sizes, colors and styles for light residential and heavy commercial properties. We install affordable chain link fence options to bolster security, protect property, surround dumpsters, contain (or keep out) animals or enclose tennis courts or other outdoor athletic facilities.

Call today to discuss which chain link fence — one of our most economical choices for fencing — suits your specific enclosure needs. For example, a silver, galvanized steel chain link fence, with a sturdy framework and secure fittings, gives you durable, cost-effective and low-maintenance protection for years to come. Let us confer with you to find the size and gauge that gives you the chain link fence that is exactly right for your setting and needs. Our suppliers are nationally recognized leaders who conform to the highest industry standards.

At Northeastern Fences, we also understand the aesthetic enhancements that chain link fencing can introduce. Our palette of powder-coated or vinyl-coated chain link fencing, framework, fittings, gates and gate hardware ranges from black or dark brown to dark green, white and more. The color you select in consultation with our designers can add to the appeal of your site while improving protection and security. Our knowledgeable and talented team will guide you in this process.

Based in Selkirk, NY, Northeastern Fences provides the benefits of nearly 25 years’ experience in the Albany-Troy-Schenectady area – and beyond – delivering reliable service and superior expertise. We stand by the quality of the products we install. That’s why your chain link fence is built to last and comes with a limited written warranty.

Don’t get left in the cold! Act now instead of waiting for that first frost to learn more about our chain link and vinyl chain link fencing. Call (518) 767-9316 today!