Is Cedar, Pressure-Treated Pine, Or Spruce Right For Me?

OK, so you’ve decided that a wooden fence is the way to go. But what kind of wood should you use? Well to help you decide, here’s a bit of information on the pros and cons of each.

It’s Hard To Beat Cedar!

Here at Northeastern Fences, we frequently work with Western Red Cedar, which is one of the most durable and weather-resistant types of wood. Not only is it weather-resistant, it’s also less likely to warp, split or shrink, meaning it will typically retain its appearance for years to come. Additionally, cedar has natural oils and acids which repel most insects, which means you won’t need to treat it with chemicals in order to protect it from insect damage.

Of course, not all types of cedar have the same lifespan. Northern White Cedar can last anywhere from 5-15 years, while Eastern and Western Red Cedar can last for 30+ years — and that’s without any sort of treatment.

Another quality that makes cedar so popular is its beautiful coloring and grain. Many homeowners love the look and low maintenance of the wood, and the fact that it will look beautiful year after year.

Cedar Sounds Great – What’s The Catch? If you are looking for longevity and natural beauty, cedar may be the perfect type of wood for your fence. However, because of its deep color, it may not be a good choice for the homeowner that plans to paint his or her fence.

Finally, because it is such a high-quality and durable wood, cedar is more of an investment than pressure-treated pine and spruce. But if you think about it, you’re getting your money’s worth!

What About Pressure-Treated Pine?

Pressure-Treated Pine is pine wood that has been treated with chemical preservatives in order to protect it from insect and moisture decay and extend its lifespan. Pine fencing that has undergone this process typically lasts for 20 years or more, although it is prone to cracking, warping and splitting. Regardless, Pressure-Treated Pine is a popular material choice for fences because it is relatively durable and much more budget-friendly than cedar.

How Does Spruce Weigh In?

If you’re not at a place to invest in a cedar or pressure-treated pine fence, spruce could be perfect for you. As the most economically-friendly out of the three, spruce is less durable, but can be treated with a sealant to extend its lifespan. Spruce is also a great choice if you plan on painting your fence, although if you choose not to, it will transition to a beautiful dark gray over time.

We Can Help You Choose!

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