Wood fences-AlbanyNY-NortheasternFencesDeciding to add a fence around your property can provide you with instant privacy and a feeling of security for you and your family. An expertly designed fence will add character and value to your home. For the homeowner who prefers a more natural look, you can’t beat a wooden fence!

Wood fences are an excellent choice for privacy fencing, both in terms of a noise barrier as well as a visual barrier; it also serves as a wonderful (and visually appealing) way to safely corral your kids and/or family pets. They provide a beautiful, natural look that other fencing materials simply cannot equal, and this is done at an extremely affordable price when compared to other available options.

Available Styles

We like to think that there’s a wooden fence style that will beautifully compliment any property. It’s up to you to determine which style appeals to you the most. Some of the residential wooden fence styles we offer are:
• Stockade/Privacy
• Picket
• Lattice
• Post
• Rail
Any one of these options can assist you in making a strong aesthetic statement, thereby improving your home’s curb appeal in the process.

Perpetual Popularity

Wood fencing has been the favorite residential fencing material for quite some time now. Americans put up thousands of miles worth of wooden fencing annually, easily enough to wrap around the globe. So why do so many people choose wood? It’s affordable, lightweight, and provides infinite opportunities for customization for homeowners. If the myriad customization opportunities aren’t enough, homeowners can also stain the wood to make it stand out or fade into the landscape.

Looking at Longevity

How long can you expect your wood fence to last? The simple answer: it depends. The complex answer: it depends. Homeowners can expect to get about 20 years worth of service out of a fence that’s built of rot-resistant wood. The posts are usually the first component to start showing their age. This makes sense since they are in constant contact with the ground. Panels, on the other hand, can last for considerably longer (if properly maintained), as they typically don’t touch the ground.

Hidy-ho, Neighbor!

How high is high enough? Deciding on the height of your fence involves a little forethought. Your decision should ultimately be based on how you plan to use your fence. If you’re looking to enclose a pool, building code requires a minimum of 4 feet in height. If keeping the kids and pets under wraps is your goal, building a fence that’s 3-4 feet high will prevent them from wandering off while at the same time will preserve your view and allow you to chat with your neighbors. If maintaining your privacy is job #1, 6 feet will be the maximum height for you since many communities require a permit and engineering plans for anything higher.

Wood is certainly one of the most popular fencing options for both new construction and replacement projects. Major advances in fence construction and material quality have enabled wood fences to last longer by resisting rotting and warping. Wood fences provide a relatively low cost in comparison to other materials, are easy to repair and maintain over time, and are very environmentally friendly.

With the various options and styles available to you, you are sure to find a fence that’s perfectly suitable for your house, creating a higher appeal for potential buyers and drawing more admiring glances from your neighbors. For more information on wood fencing for your home, contact the trusted fencing professionals at Northeastern Fences today.