It’s a personal preference. Many homeowners like the look, feel, texture, and statement that wood makes. Wood often complements the design vernacular of the home, adding appeal while undertaking a function.

What types of wood are found in wood fences?

Among the popular types of wood that Northeastern Fences offers are red or white cedar, pine, and spruce.

Briefly, what are some of the advantages of each type of wood?

People like cedar because of its stability: it warps less and insects are not fond of it. Pine is typically pressure-treated. Pine is popular because it is guaranteed not to decay or be damaged by insects for at least 20 years. However, pine tends to warp, shrink and split compared to cedar. Spruce is loved for its economical pricing, its aesthetic and its color.

What types of wood fence designs are out there?

For residences, Northeastern Fences offers stockade/privacy fences, picket fences, lattice, post, and rail fences.

What if I want “something different” in a design? Can you customize?

Indeed we can! We can customize in a variety of ways. We can make your wood fence any number of heights from 3’ and up. For example, many wood privacy fences are 6’ high, but we are open to customer suggestions, wants, and needs. As for styles, we can customize there, too. We can use prebuilt panels or individual customized fence elements. The best way to start is with a conversation with one of our experienced experts.

Winter will be here before we know it. Do wood fences need treatment?

That depends on the type of wood. Cedar fences are specifically suited to exterior conditions. If cedar was your choice at the outset, you made a wise move with respect to weather-related threats to your wood. Other types of wood might benefit from treatment before winter. Talk to a Northeastern Fences associate to learn more.

What about installation and guarantees?

We’ve been designing and installing fencing for more than 25 years, and we enjoy a fine reputation based on customer satisfaction. Plus, our work is guaranteed.

How do I reach Northeastern Fences?

Northeastern Fences is based in Selkirk, NY. Call us at (518) 767-9316. You also can reach Northeastern Fences 24/7 online.

Where does your service area reach?

We are experienced fence and enclosure experts in the Capital Region, eastern New York and western Massachusetts. Call (518) 767-9316. We’re qualified and ready to converse about wood fences.