Our winters are tough. Anything exposed to the elements takes a beating. Rain, sleet, snow, wind, ice and cold — you name it — subject your wooden fence to a merciless onslaught. Is your wooden fence ready for a Northeast winter?

Type of wood

The answer to that question begins with your wooden fence material. What type of wood is your fence made of? If your outdoor wooden fence is built of cedar, then you are already one step in the right direction. Cedar fences are specifically suited to exterior conditions. If cedar was your choice at the outset, you made a wise move with respect to weather-related threats to your wood. Not sure what you have or what you need? Northeastern Fences knows best. We are fence and enclosure experts with years of experience — and thousands of satisfied customers.Winter Treatment Options for your Wooden Fence Image - Albany NY - Northeastern Fences

Alternatively, your fence may be built of pressure-treated pine or of spruce, which are also sensible woods for fencing. In these cases, as with other types of wood, you will want to maintain and preserve your wooden fence by having the wood treated.

Although you may not think of the following measures as “treatment,” it is wise preventive maintenance to clear leaves and branches that may get stuck along the bottom or between posts. Similarly, it is smart to clear away any nearby branches so they do not land on your fence.

Quite simply, the best practice is to treat your wooden fence each year before winter sets in. It’s a smart move to protect against wintry exposure. By “treat,” we mean add a coat or more of high-quality waterproof stain or sealant to your wooden fence. A water-repellent preservative will protect your wood’s grain and help it to last longer while maintaining its function and beauty.

Trust the Experts

And who better to treat your wooden fence than wood-fence experts? Maybe you’re not sure where to start or what to do. Come in to Northeastern Fences and talk with us. We will gladly share our own hard-won experience and expertise. And it goes without saying: our technicians would be pleased to inspect your fence and recommend winter treatments or perform the service for you. We take pride in our respected do-it-right-the-first-time approach.

As experienced fence and enclosure experts in the Capital Region, eastern New York and western Massachusetts, Northeastern Fences will listen to you, inspect your fence or repair of treat your fence. Please know that we do not have a ready-made, canned answer for everyone’s needs and issues. We tailor our response to your individual concerns. Whether you need some wooden posts replaced or a whole new fence, we are the folks to talk to.

Northeastern Fences knows wooden fences: their design, their materials and attributes, their construction and their care. We also know the severe conditions that wooden fences face in the Northeast. Call (518) 767-9316 today and let’s talk winter wooden fence treatment options.