Summertime is the perfect time for a barbeque, having a get together with loved ones, or playing in the backyard. These fun activities are best enjoyed with your family, not the entire neighborhood. Although it’s nice to live in an open neighborhood, sometimes you want some privacy as well. Turn your backyard into its own private sanctuary with a stockade or privacy fence from Northeastern Fences.

Privacy Fencing

As the distance between homes decreases, owners often desire their own private area. Stockade and privacy fences are perfect for this situation. Like most fences, stockade and privacy fences help keep your pets, children, and property inside your yard while keeping wildlife and other things out of your yard. However, stockade and privacy fencing also do not have any gaps in it. This means that no one can look into your backyard as well, offering you the seclusion that your desire.

Types of Privacy Fencing

At Northeastern Fences, we offer a variety of fencing options to choose from, primarily either wood or vinyl. Although both options provide privacy and security, they have different things to offer as well.

Whether you want a classic stockade fence, or something more modern a wood privacy fence offers a more natural and rustic look than other fence types. Wood privacy fencing is durable and built with a variety of different wood types. Although wood fencing might not be as durable as some other types of fencing, with good fence maintenance practices, it’s easy to minimize the need for repairs. Wood fencing also allows for a variety of design options as well. Our fencing experts can create a variety of patterns and post tops to give your wood fence a distinct look.

Vinyl fencing is another option that we offer. Vinyl fencing is often desired because it is very durable and usually requires less maintenance than a wood fence. Because vinyl fence panels are manufactured, there have been a wide variety of vinyl fencing designs created in a number of different eye-pleasing colors. Vinyl fences are also weather resistant and do not need periodic staining like wood fencing.

We Have a Showroom!

We have a large variety of privacy fencing displays in our showroom. Visit us and let our knowledgeable staff show you all the wood and vinyl privacy fencing options available to you. If you would like to talk to a fencing professional, call Northeastern Fences at (518) 767-9316! Ask how we can add value and security to your home today!