You know that famous spot in Acapulco, Mexico, with the cliff divers? Imagine if the property owners were to ask us to quote a price for installing a fence there. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, consider a quote request on land as flat as a table in Iowa. The point is, Northeastern Fences gets a lot of price requests, though not quite those extremes. What determines the cost of that fence you are thinking of having built or repaired?

It goes without saying that the market determines the cost, as with any other product or service. But what does that mean in practical terms if you want a fence to suit your needs and circumstances?

Before we go say more, let us repeat a tried-and-true axiom: you get what you pay for. It stands to reason this long-held truth applies to fences, too. We say this because a fence or an enclosure represents a long-term investment in your home or business, and your return on investment pays off only if the product and workmanship stand the test of time. Northeastern Fences guarantees the quality and professional installation of our fences. We are that confident in the fairness of our pricing and the durability of our product.

Let’s take a closer look at factors that influence fence pricing.

Fence Type and MaterialWhat factors influence fence installation pricing Image- Albany NY - Northeastern Fences

We spoke earlier about market factors, and it is fair to say that market factors are especially critical when it comes to fence materials — and we have little control over that. Northeastern Fences has a multitude of materials for you to consider. To go a step further, within our diversity of available fence materials, there are varying grades of quality. So, be sure to compare “apples to apples” when making price comparisons. As a rough guideline, chain link fencing tends to be the least expensive, with prices progressing upward from wooden fencing to vinyl, PVC or plastic fencing to ornamental and aluminum fence materials.

Property Size

Without a doubt, the size of the area you want enclosed will greatly influence the price you pay. Obviously, the cost (and value) of 500 feet of fencing differs from the cost (and value) of 5,000 feet of the same fencing material. Although economies of scale might sometimes apply, it is common sense that a bigger job will cost more than a smaller one.

Accessibility and Prep Time

Think of those cliffs in Acapulco. Another factor in pricing is accessibility. If the area being fenced in is not readily accessible by vehicle or human, increased time and labor costs will raise your fencing installation cost. Similarly, if your professional installer has overcome challenges posed by slopes, angles, trees — or cliffs — your costs will rise.

Ground Conditions

If your foundation soil is hard to dig, your costs can increase, again, as a result of additional labor (and possibly energy) costs.

Seasonal Factors

Finally, weather conditions, such as ice or snow or sleet, can hike costs, too, by adding labor hours.

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