Do you own a home with a nice backyard? If you do, you may have thought about adding a fence to your property. Adding a fence to your home may seem like a big project, but it is quick, simple, and more affordable than you thought. Plus, there are many benefits to owning a fence that you may not have considered yet. At Northeastern Fences, we have a lot of satisfied customers. Let us share some of the main reasons they wanted a fence installed!


A privacy fence will allow you and your family to enjoy your yard without people or animals interrupting your precious time together. It also works well to add a shade and noise buffer in your yard. This is perfect for those days when you want to peacefully relax outdoors without being bothered.


You have a home and a family to protect. Having a fence adds an extra layer of security to your home, deterring anyone from entering your property. Fences are also convenient for businesses that are looking to protect their inventory or equipment from would-be thieves. This is especially true for livestock owner who are looking to keep their inventory on their property, while also deterring would-be thieves.


Fencing can also make your life a lot easier. Pet owners love fences. Although you probably love taking your furry friends on a walk, sometimes there just isn’t enough time. With a fenced in yard, you can let your pup run around the yard while you are getting ready for your day. This is especially handy in the winter time when your pet needs to go outside, but you don’t want to take the time getting bundled up and walking in the cold.


We listed just a few of the reasons a fence can benefit your property. It’s no wonder then that a well-built fence adds value to your home. A fence can make your home more attractive to a potential buyer and can sometimes be the deciding factor that makes them want your home instead of another.

If you want to make your home more beautiful, safe, and valuable, adding a fence might be a great option for you. Northeastern fences offer a wide variety of fencing options to fit any homeowners need. To get a free estimate on a new fence, call us at 518-767-9316, or stop by our showroom at 1650 US Route 9W, Suite #103 in Selkirk, NY. Our fencing experts can help design the perfect fence for you!