Everyone has heard of the expression “mending fences.” Where does it come from? Surely it predates Robert Frost’s oft-quoted poem “Mending Wall, with its memorable “Good fences make good neighbors” ending. Most likely, the phrase “mending fences” has been around as long as farmers did just that every spring. They repaired their fences after the onslaughts of winter — and once the good weather enabled them to go out there and do the job. No doubt, the idea of mending fences has been around for centuries.

Mending fences is a perfectly good set of words to describe repaired relationships. It evokes all kinds of terrific metaphors for individuals and communities to ponder. But it has a literal meaning, too. That’s where Northeastern Fences comes in.

In this fence-mending season, what kind of fence repairs make sense for homeowners, businesses and agricultural owners?

What does mending fences mean in our neck of the woods?

The answers to these questions depend on the type of fence undergoing repairs.

Before saying another word about fence repairs, we advise you to find out whether any warranty applies. We offer a limited warranty on our fence installations, and so do many manufacturers. It’s worth checking to see if your desired repair qualifies under a warranty program.

As we said, fence repairs can vary widely. If your fence is showing evidence of peeling, flaking, blistering or corroding, give us a call at (518) 767-9316. We’ll take a look and give you an honest appraisal — and an estimate if one is in order.

Maybe you have broken or rotted wooden fence posts. Northeastern Fences can replace them.

Perhaps you need to replace a gate, instead of a whole fence. Or a part of a gate, such as a hinge or handle or other hardware. We can do that.

Maybe wind or weather has damaged one portion of your fence, and everything else is fine if that one segment is replaced. Northeastern Fences can do that, and we will make it look as seamless as we can, matching the new with the old to the best of our ability.

We can install new pickets on your posts and rails, or fix or replace posts or rails on wooden fences.

To a limited extent, Northeastern Fences can repair ornamental and decorative fences, such as aluminum and chain link or vinyl-coated fences. Although these designs typically require less maintenance and repair than wooden fences, we will take a look and give you our professional opinion as to your best options.

The main thing is this: whenever possible you’ll want to opt for repair instead of having a brand-new fence installed. If the conditions and circumstances allow it, you will want to save some money through fence repair, instead of total replacement or rebuilding. The situation is not unlike vehicle repairs: if everything else is in good working order, go for the repair.

Northeastern Fences has been serving homeowners, businesses, agricultural owners and others in the Capital District for more than 25 years. Like everyone else, we like the idea of mending fences. In our case, we mean it literally.