Vinyl Fencing in Winter - Albany NY - Northeastern FencesThe Farmer’s Almanac is predicting a brutal winter. With that will come inordinate amounts of wind and snow. For those of you who believe that massive amounts of snowfall (bordering on blizzard conditions) just naturally piles snow wherever it’ll provide for the largest degree of inconvenience, we have a solution for you. Sometimes, snow fences can eliminate troublesome drifts around homes, barns, corrals, and other structures by capturing drifting snow before it piles up in front of doorways, gates, and chutes, thereby saving you the hassle of having to shovel it.

Vinyl snow fencing helps to control drifting snow during the winter months. This type of fence has traditionally been used in colder climates to help prevent snow from drifting onto highways and airport runways. Snowdrifts can pose quite a threat to drivers, and snow removal can be very expensive and inefficient. Airlines can’t operate safely when runways are covered by snow. By installing these fences along roads and runways, travel flows much more smoothly and safely. Why shouldn’t homeowners take a page out of these airport maintenance and Department of Transportation books to keep snowdrifts from becoming a problem around their homes?

First and foremost, the goal of a snow fence is not to stop snow, but rather to redirect where the snow piles up. Blowing snow particles are similar to tiny grains of sand. Those particles that are too heavy to be suspended in the air move by bouncing or skipping along the surface of the ground. The heaviest particles roll or creep along the surface, collecting into drifts or mounds. Snow fences help to restrain the wind, acting as a sort of windbreak, which reduces its speed. This forces more of the suspended particles to fall to the ground and the creeping particles to come to rest.

If installed properly, a snow fence can significantly reduce the need for plowing, and keep driveways and adjacent roadways safer by reducing blowing and drifting onto the driveway and road. A properly installed snow fence will slow down the wind, causing a drift to pile up in the downwind side of the fence instead of on your driveway. The four guiding principles in drift control are actually quite simple:

  1. Keep the wind blowing or moving.
  2. Slow the wind’s speed down with vinyl snow fencing wherever snowdrifts are wanted (or at least are more desirable).
  3. The higher the snow fence is off the ground (so long as this distance is still under 24 inches), the further away the drift will start. If the snow fence is placed on the ground, it’ll be buried in the snowdrift (this will greatly reduce its effectiveness).
  4. Proper installation is critical to a successful snow fence.

If you’ve spent many days in recent winters literally stuck at home because the driveway was covered in snow again almost as soon as it was plowed, a snow fence might be the answer to all of your prayers. Family-owned and operated, Northeastern Fences is the company you can trust for all of your fencing needs. From residential to commercial jobs, the experts at Northeastern Fences do it all, and they do it right! We would love to discuss your fencing needs to help you make the best choice for you.