Vinyl/PVC/Plastic Fencing Comes In A Variety Of Beautiful Colors!

Let’s face it: the world is made grand by color. Without color, we’d be in a sorry state. Why? Because color makes us feel things, think things….so why should your vinyl/PVC/plastic fence be any different? Here at Northeastern Fences, we don’t think it should be. That’s why we are proud to offer our clients the latest and most beloved in vinyl/PVC/plastic fencing colors.

  • White – White is a classic color, pure and simple. So when it comes to fencing, it’s no wonder it’s one of our most popular choices. Who doesn’t love the charm of a white picket fence? No one. That’s who.
  • Tan – Not quite as bright as our white vinyl/PVC/plastic fencing, tan vinyl/PVC/plastic fencing gives a nice, subtle barrier to your home or business.
  • Gray – Our light grey fencing is a perfect neutral for those not wishing to disturb their view.
  • Clay – This light option is as natural as the start of the universe.
  • Almond – Our almond vinyl/PVC/plastic fencing says “I’ve made it” like no other color option. Make your mother and father-in-law happy for once…have an almond vinyl/PVC/plastic fence installed by a professional at Northeastern Fences.

Keep in mind that new vinyl/PVC/plastic colors are being created all the time – so if you don’t see the color you want, keep checking in!

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Vinyl privacy fences offer a lot of seclusion with practically no maintenance. Let us tell you about all your options when it comes to vinyl fencing.