Call Northeastern Fences for your own vinyl fence

Call Northeastern Fences for your own vinyl fence

You want a new fence for your property, but you’re not sold on a wooden fence necessarily. What other options do you have? If you’re looking for a beautiful, durable, and virtually maintenance-free alternative to the traditional wooden fence, perhaps a vinyl fence is the way to go. What is vinyl and what’s so great about it as a fencing option? We’re glad you asked!


Vinyl—short for polyvinyl chloride (hence the name PVC)—is a plastic material that’s widely used for applications that demand high durability. The prefix “poly” refers to the fact that the molecules are chemically linked in long chains, known as polymers. Although PVC is the main ingredient in vinyl fencing, other ingredients are added to give the fencing desirable properties: impact modifiers are added to improve impact resistance and titanium oxide is added to improve long-term resistance to UV light.


The initial investment for vinyl is much less than for wrought iron fencing. When compares with decent quality wood and metal fencing, the initial cost is a bit more; however, when you factor in the fact that vinyl needs no sanding, priming or painting, the total costs are about the same. The most meaningful comparison for most homeowners is the total cost over the lifetime of the fence (or the cost over the years that the property is owned). Over the long term, vinyl is by far the most economical type of fencing you can buy, as it will never fade, rot, rust, peel or look old. It resists cracking and never needs painting, so there’s no paint chip off and no need to repaint.


Vinyl fencing is designed to last a lifetime and to look good while doing it. As long as your vinyl fencing is installed according to manufacturer specifications, wind should never be a problem. As for weathering, vinyl doesn’t rust and holds up better than any alternative fencing material on the market. All vinyl fencing components are designed to allow for normal expansion and contraction with varying temperatures, and the fencing will withstand even the most extreme weather conditions. It won’t deform in the hottest weather, nor will it crack or break on the coldest night. Under certain conditions, mold and mildew have been known to settle on the surface of vinyl fencing, however, since it can’t penetrate the surface, it’s easily cleaned off with a detergent and water solution.


The only maintenance needed to keep your vinyl fencing looking new indefinitely is a washing once a year. This is, perhaps, the main reason vinyl fencing has been gaining in popularity in recent years. Other fencing materials, unfortunately, require more of an ongoing maintenance program that is much costlier. You’ll quickly become the envy of the neighborhood!

Here at Northeastern Fences, we know that homeowners have various fence options to choose from and many things to consider before building a fence. We encourage you to make sure the fence you ultimately pick meets your needs as closely as possible. You must also take maintenance and overall cost into account. If you’ve been putting off getting a fence because you don’t want to deal with all of the maintenance and upkeep, it’s time to reconsider. Let our experts install a vinyl fence that will last a lifetime, with little to no effort on your part. We look forward to hearing from you.