Vinyl fencing offers rich variety in terms of design style, color palette and texture. When it comes to vinyl or PVC or plastic fencing, choose from chain link, classic picket, post and rail, lattice top, rail, cross-buck and many other designs. Then add variety through a vast array of colors and textures that Northeastern Fences offers.

What are the virtues of vinyl fences?

Vinyl fences are practical. That’s why many home and business owners prefer them. They are low maintenance, easy to care for, durable, and economical in the long run because of little or no need to repair or replace. With a vinyl fence, you don’t encounter corrosion or rust of metal or wood rot. You don’t have to repaint it or stain it again, as you would with a wood fence. And this maintenance-free durability adds to the long-term value of a vinyl fence or enclosure.

What uses are they put to?

Homeowners and commercial businesses use vinyl fencing to bolster security, protect property, surround dumpsters, contain (or keep out) animals or enclose tennis courts or other outdoor athletic facilities. Let’s discuss which design fits your need.

What’s all this “low maintenance” mean?

Basically, soap and water typically takes care of vinyl-fence cleaning. For some business owners, graffiti is an ongoing challenge. With a vinyl fence, graffiti is readily removed by applying acetone or lacquer thinner. Plus, vinyl doesn’t corrode or rust or chip or crack. Maintaining a vinyl fence is pretty easy.

What else do folks like about vinyl?

Call it the vinyl fence experience. People like vinyl’s flexibility and strength. As noted by the American Fence Association, “Vinyl is also strong. According to some manufacturers and sellers, vinyl has five times the tensile strength of wood, making it harder to break. It’s also more flexible than wood, and may be a preferred choice in high-wind areas where fence should be able to bend but not break.”

Northeastern Fences also reminds you that vinyl fences are weather-resistant and won’t chip or peel. Vinyl fences are splinter-free. Plus, the absence of screws, nails or sharp edges is a bonus if you have children or animals you are worried about.

Does vinyl fencing have any environmental benefits?

Vinyl has ecological advantages in terms of sustainability. Vinyl can be recycled. The vinyl material is non-toxic. Unlike many wood treatments, vinyl is not treated with harmful or hazardous chemicals. Vinyl fencing is an environmentally friendly choice with many practical and economic benefits over the course of many years.

What about installation?

That’s critical. We’ve been designing and installing fencing for more than 25 years, and we enjoy a fine reputation based on customer satisfaction. Plus, our work is guaranteed.

Okay, you’ve sold me. How do I reach Northeastern Fences?

Northeastern Fences is based in Selkirk, NY and serves the surrounding areas of Albany, Troy, Schenectady, and the Capital District Region. Call us at (518) 767-9316 or stop by at 1650 US Route 9W Ste 103. You also can reach Northeastern Fences 24/7 online.