It’s March. Poolside scenes of mint juleps, lemonade and sunscreen are nothing but fantasies. Your pool is still “asleep.” That fence you need to have built to comply with local codes and ordinances is just as much a hazy fantasy. Fast forward to June. You make some calls to have your pool-code fence designed and installed. Busy signals. Waiting lists. Schedule conflicts. “Why did I procrastinate?”


Northeastern Fences has lines open and operators standing by, as the old telemarketing phrase goes. We’re not bragging (okay, just a bit), but we really know the ins and outs of code-compliant pool enclosures. It is one of our business’s specialties.

Pool enclosures are important — for you, your family, your neighbors, your visitors and most especially uninvited strangers. The American Fence Association cites statistics from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: approximately 300 children 5 years old or younger drown each year in swimming pools.

As a quick refresher, keep in mind these basic requirements for outdoor swimming pools in New York State:

  • The fencing must surround the pool and prevent access to it.
  • The fencing must be 4 feet or higher.
  • There may not be more than 4 inches between the bottom of the fencing and the top of the above-ground pool (if the enclosure is mounted on top and not at ground level).

There are other specific state requirements, and local municipalities have their own requirements. We can help you sort all that out.

While it is legally smart to reduce risk and liability by erecting a code-compliant pool enclosure, many homeowners seek to add an extra layer of protection. The National Drowning Prevention Alliance recommends additional measures to mitigate risk. These include pool fences, isolation fencing and perimeter fencing. Fencing is a wise measure of protection when it comes to swimming pools.

Northeastern Fences offers an abundance of options for code-compliant pool enclosures. We combine function with aesthetics. Whether your pool enclosure is made of wood, aluminum, vinyl, Plexiglas, chain-link, plastic or wrought iron, we are adept at designing and installing fences that conform to specifications stipulated in local and state codes and ordinances.

We will collaborate with you and guide you to satisfy legal requirements while meeting your needs and wants with respect to durability, safety, maintenance, cost, beauty and effectiveness.

Northeastern Fences offers a multitude of fence styles and colors from which you can comfortably choose. From the classic look of aluminum, which is virtually maintenance-free, to the durability of chain link or vinyl-coated chain link, we have fence options for your pool. And with vinyl/PVC/plastic fencing, you can consider a choice free from the worry of splinters, chipping or rusting.

Northeastern Fences has been faithfully serving the Capital District and beyond for more than 25 years. Our satisfied customers are our best advertisement of quality. Call (518) 767-9316 to talk about pool enclosures. Book us now before the calendar fills up — and before the fireflies fly.