You’ve been on your hands and knees pulling weeds. It’s hard, sweaty work. But it’s worth it. Your garden is your pride and joy. Sure, you can go to the mega-grocery store and buy locally grown vegetables. But they wouldn’t be this local: your own backyard. You can’t get any more local than that. And you have also cultivated gorgeous flowers in your garden. It’s work, but it’s rewarding.

Then you have a nightmare. You wake up the next morning to find that your pride and joy, your garden, has been ravaged by unwelcome visitors. These vandals are animals, literally: deer, rabbits, woodchucks, raccoons, squirrels, who knows what else. All kinds of critters have chewed away at your handiwork.

We at Northeastern Fences want that nightmare to remain merely a bad fantasy, a dreadful dream, and not become a wake-up-in-the-morning reality.

Northeastern Fences has lots of experience helping homeowners protect their property and possessions. We are fencing experts well versed in protecting crops and gardens – whether you cultivate them for fresh food, sheer beauty or for simple natural enjoyment and exercise.

Northeastern Fences will sit down (or stand if you prefer) and talk with you to discern your wants and needs to give you a functional and aesthetically pleasing garden fence. We are ready to discuss fence materials. On that topic alone, we can have a broad-ranging conversation: wood (bamboo, cedar, reed, or a host of other woods), metal (plenty of variety, including aluminum, wire, galvanized or stainless steel, wrought iron), plastic, vinyl, you name it. (Actually, we’ll name it. That’s our job.)

The same is true for style. Northeastern Fences can guide and coach you on practical and decorative designs and features, ranging from screens, rolls, pickets, posts, panels, with or without gates or archways. Maybe you want sleek modern or a touch of the Victorian. Let’s have that talk about your garden enclosure. The summer is here, but it’s not too late.

We can also discuss garden fence height, width and openings. Let us share with you what works and what has worked for thousands of homeowners just like you.

A well designed and useful garden fence will add curb appeal to your home. This will hold true whether the perimeter enclosure is protecting crops, flowers, shrubs or other garden features. Properly designed and built fencing can transform the look of your property.

Our experienced experts will help you make the right design and material selections to fit the character of your home and its garden. When it comes to enhancing your garden, these choices are important. Northeastern Fences can help you navigate those choices.

Most important of all is our workmanship and how we stand behind it. As for fence installation, our knowledgeable and trained professionals draw on 25 years of success. Our “database” of lessons learned is rich and diverse.

Northeastern Fences is your go-to resource for quality, affordable garden fencing. Call us at (518) 767-9316 or begin the conversation anytime online. We can’t guarantee absolute protection for your garden from flying squirrels, voracious birds or stampeding herds of yaks or yetis. But we’ll do our best.