Need Fencing That’s Compliant With Pool Code?

Each state and county has its own regulations and rules regarding swimming pools, and fencing enclosures are included in that. If you have a swimming pool, is your fence enclosure up to code? If not, let the professionals at Northeastern Fences help! We’re locals and we can make sure you get an enclosure that meets your needs and local codes.

What Is Our Local Pool Code?

The fencing surrounding an outdoor swimming pool here in the state of New York must meet the following requirements:

  • It must surround the pool completely and prevent access to the pool.
  • It must be 4 feet or higher.
  • There may not be more than 4 inches between the bottom of the fencing and the top of the above-ground pool (if the enclosure is mounted on top and not at ground level).
  • If using a wall as part of the pool enclosure, the pool must have a powered safety cover, and all doors leading to the pool must have protection systems in place.
  • If using the above-ground pool itself as a part of the enclosure or mounting an enclosure atop the above-ground pool, the ladder or steps leading into the pool must be able to be removed or secured (during which point, there mustn’t be an opening greater than 4 inches). The enclosure must also be placed in a way that doesn’t allow other structures to be used to climb over the enclosure.

Of course, there may be other local codes and zoning requirements in your specific location, but the pros here at Northeastern Fences can make sure that they’re met.

Have Questions?

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Call on the pool code experts at Northeastern Fences to be sure your pool enclosure meets all the requirements for your area. Aren’t you glad you know about us?