To every fence there is a season – some seasons more than others. Before you know it, spring will be here, optimistically speaking. With that in mind, it is wise to make plans now for your livestock fencing because soon enough there will be plenty of other chores filling your day. We at Northeastern Fences suggest you call us or see us today to get things rolling for your livestock fence installation, repair or expansion.

Customization and Expertise

We customize the design, size and shape of the livestock fence you need. Whether you have horses, beef cattle, cows, yaks, pigs, goats, water buffalo, sheep, rabbits, alpacas, llamas, reindeer or chickens, we’re good to go.

Did we leave your animal out? And that’s precisely the point. Livestock fencing serves twin purposes: both protecting and confining your valuable livestock. Northeastern Fences understands the goal is to keep some animals in while keeping predators and pests out. That means your enclosure must be strong enough to keep your animals from going over, under or through the livestock fence. Northeastern Fences can do just that. Since 1991, we’ve been designing and installing livestock enclosures for customers just like you. We’ve built up a solid following of loyal customers, and we would be happy to share testimonials of satisfied customers as a reference for you. (Sorry; we have not yet figured out a way to translate the views of our animal friends to gauge their take on these matters.)

Questions to Consider

One question we typically ask is, what is the purpose of your livestock fencing? Are you seeking to replace a worn-out fence? You’ll want a new livestock fence system that is durable, effective and maintenance-free. You’ll want a custom design that keeps out threats (for example, deer, foxes or coyotes) and protects your livestock, which are valuable to you. Are you considering traditional livestock fence materials such as a wooden fence or barbed wire? Talk to a Northeastern Fences specialist. Are you thinking of using woven or mesh wire? We’d like to offer our expert opinion to guide you in your decision. Whatever your choice, you will still need good design and superior construction. Our 25+ years of experience will be applied on behalf of your project.

We will guide you as to the type of fencing needed for your livestock. Naturally, several factors influence a wise and prudent decision: animal species, age, breed, purpose, intended fence lifespan and budget, among others. Engage our trained professionals to assist you. Northeastern Fences will listen to your issues, concerns and underlying motivation for reliable and safe livestock fencing.
Northeastern Fences will help you make smart choices on fence design and materials. And our work comes with a written warranty.
Call (518) 767-9316 today or reach Northeastern Fences anytime by emailing us. Now is as good a time as any – in fact, better now than later.