Lest we wander from the main point, we want to stress two key parts of the main point: time and invest.

That’s right: it’s the right time to get a new fence and think of it as an investment.

As for timing, let’s get right to it. Why is late spring a good time for you to have Northeastern Fences install a fence?

  1. The ground is not solid frozen, nor is it rock-hard from a summer drought.
  2. Supplies are available, as are our installers and builders. Get ahead of the really busy season.
  3. If you act now, you’ll have the rest of the spring and summer to enjoy the benefits and beauty of your new fence.
  4. If you’re lucky — or wise — you still have tax refund money available for your fence project.
  5. It is not too early to be thinking about upgrading or installing a fence around your pool. The last thing you want is to be on a waiting list for this popular reason for erecting a fence on your property.

Northeastern Fences offers professionally installed enclosures made of whitewood, red cedar, pine, spruce, hemlock and more. And that’s just wooden fences! We’ve also got PVC and vinyl and metal fences in all sorts of colors, shades, designs and styles.

As for timing and planning, if you’re like most people “procrastination” is more than just a five-syllable word. It’s a reality. And the way to combat fence procrastination is to act now.

By doing so, you get first in line with appointments and contracts, and you get financing while rates are still great.

So, whether you are a residential or commercial owner, there are plenty of reasons to be thinking — and acting — about fencing today. Some people need a fence for privacy, others for security. Some want protection from the elements or for pets, others want aesthetic enhancement.

Northeastern Fences has the expertise and experience to accommodate your special circumstances and needs.

Styles and design variety abound at Northeastern Fences. Besides traditional wooden fences, we have vinyl/PVC/plastic fence products. We offer ornamental and aluminum and chain link fences, too. No matter what style, design, color or type of fence you choose, you will be the recipient of our superior workmanship.

Our products stand the test of time. Northeastern Fences guarantees the quality and professional installation of our fences.

And what about the idea of investing? Yes, a new fence is an investment. It adds value to the investment you’ve already made with a residence or business. Naturally, you’ll want a good return on your investment. We, therefore, invite you to compare our pricing. When you consider the multitude of our products, their quality craftsmanship, and our customer-proven professionalism, we are confident of the unparalleled value you will receive as our customer.

Free Estimates

Northeastern Fences gives free estimates. Call us at (518) 767-9316 or stop by at 1650 US Route 9W, Suite 103 in Selkirk, New York. Come into our showroom for our rich and varied portfolio of fence designs and styles — for a diversity of functional and decorative purposes.

Now is the time for fenceward thinking — and acting.