Let your dog roam free with a dog fence from Northeastern Fences!

Let your dog roam free with a dog fence from Northeastern Fences!

You finally caved in and got your kids the dog they’ve been hounding you about for the last several months. Once you got it home and set it loose in your beautifully manicured yard, you may have begun to notice that the certain locations your new dog has decided to use the restroom may be getting discolored. If you don’t want your entire yard to look like it’s been polka dotted, you may want to consider investing in a dog run fence from Northeastern Fences!


These are enclosed spaces specifically for your dog to roam free in. He or she can romp and play without you needing to worry about the remainder of your yard being torn up. Let’s face it, you’ve worked hard to get it looking a certain way and you’re not willing to let it look any less than perfect. Dog run fences are also an excellent option for busy pet owners who may not always have the time to grab the leash and take their dog for a walk. Your dog is free to get as much exercise as he or she wants, safely inside the enclosure. What’s not to love about that!


You won’t have to worry about OSFA dog runs with Northeastern Fences! Our dog runs are available in many shapes and sizes and are fully customizable to your specific application. Someone with a Chihuahua obviously wouldn’t need an enclosure anywhere near the same size or height as someone who owned a mastiff or other larger breed. The main goal here is for you to be happy and satisfied with the product and for your dog to be able to fully enjoy his or her space without any hindrances. A happy pet makes for a happy owner and vice versa!


This is one of the first questions that everyone considering a dog run fence asks (either to themselves or aloud). We’re sorry to say, however, that because we don’t offer OSFA dog run, we don’t have OSFA pricing either. We can work with you to customize a dog run for your property that you’ll be ecstatic about, while at the same time keeping your budgetary constraints in mind. Many dog owners see a dog run as a tremendous time and money saver in the grand scheme of things: they don’t have to always set aside time (which can be stressful depending on how hectic their lives are at any given point) to ensure their dog get adequate outside time for exercise, and they don’t have to load the dog (and quite possible the rest of the family as well) into their vehicle to go to the dog park for a little fun and play time.

Regardless of your dog’s size and/or space requirements, we always guarantee that you’ll be 100% satisfied with any product you purchase from us. We stand behind our workmanship and believe we have the best customer service in the business. If you’re ready to learn more about our dog run fences or any of our numerous other offerings, you can give us a call (518-767-9316) or come visit our showroom. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you!