Celebrity shrinks (Dr. Phil comes to mind) like to talk about healthy “boundaries.” They urge people to define the safe and healthy boundaries that nurture good relationships. Fair enough. Makes sense to us. Northeastern Fences likes that analogy. We believe that well defined boundaries — as demonstrated by a quality fence system — add value to your property.

Just as with human relationships and interactions, your property is enhanced by properly delineated boundaries. For you and your surroundings, to know where your property begins and ends clarifies your relationship with your neighbors, and ultimately with your community.

Fencing arguably adds value on several levels. By “value,” we mean several perspectives. A decent fence system adds monetary value, privacy/security, full use of yard (especially pet owners) and aesthetic enhancement.

Let’s look at each of these a little more closely.

Any well designed and implemented home or business improvement adds monetary value. If you paint your house or replace your roof, you’re making an investment in the future and maintaining or adding monetary value of your property. The same goes for adding or improving a fence system. It adds to your overall property value.

  • Some things don’t have a precise monetary value, but they clearly count. Take privacy or security. A carefully selected and built fence system adds to your safety, security and privacy. While you cannot exactly put a price tag on the peace of mind this brings to you and your family, it sure is something you wouldn’t want to sacrifice. Peace of mind is a significant added value of fencing.
  • Another significant value is the full and free use of your yard. This is especially relevant to pet owners. It is a huge convenience, plus unquestionably practical, to have a fenced area for your dog. For that matter, an enclosure also provides ease of mind in caring for young children. Sure, there’s no substitute for keeping a watchful eye, but a fence can make the job easier.
  • Aesthetic enhancement is another great added value of fencing. Take a careful look at the ornamental and decorative choices we offer You might be surprised at how much these improvements prettify your property.

Northeastern Fences offers a plethora of fencing options that incorporate both function and aesthetics. Whether your enclosure is chiefly for privacy or for decorative purposes, we can enhance the look and feel and security of your home or business. We offer a multitude of fence styles and colors to choose from. From classic aluminum, which is virtually maintenance-free, to durable chain link or vinyl-coated chain link, we have fence options for you. No matter what you choose, we will guide you to select what’s right for you and your circumstances.

Northeastern Fences has been serving the Capital District and beyond for more than 25 years. Our satisfied customers are pleased to endorse the quality of our craftsmanship. Call (518) 767-9316 see how we can add value to your property through fencing.