Many folks make to-do lists. Homeowners and businesspersons are no different. Especially as the seasons change, lots of people make an inventory of projects slated for completion. And here in the Northeast, the onset of wintry weather adds urgency to these self-appointed chores. That’s why autumn is a great time to get that new fence you’ve been thinking about, but postponing when it comes to getting it done. It’s not too late! There is still plenty of time to contact Northeastern Fences so we can help you select the right fence for you — and then properly install it.

Why put in a fence? It's Not Too Late to Get a New Fence This Fall - Albany NY - Northeastern Fences

You might be considering a fence for any number of valid reasons. One obvious concern might involve — forgive us for uttering it — snow. An appropriately positioned snow fence can cut down on drifting, help you with snow removal or protect portions of your house or business from the ravages of heavy snow. Fall is the time to take care of that. Aside from a practical meteorological motivation, consider having Northeastern Fences install a fence for a host of other reasons: renovation/repair, privacy, safety, security, aesthetics or pet enclosure.

The right fence for the right purpose

With our expert guidance, you can feel comfortable choosing the right fence for your goals and purposes. What exactly might those purposes be? Fences are typically installed for a host of reasons, including:

  • safeguarding your business or residential property
  • protecting your assets, at a home or a business
  • containing pets or livestock
  • guarding your garden or crops
  • adding a touch of beauty

Location, function, and style

Matching the materials and design to your purpose is where we come in. Northeastern Fences has a rich portfolio of fence experience to draw on. Our professionals will listen to your concerns and deliver solid recommendations — before sleigh bells ring! We will assist you in positioning the fence for maximum benefit and using the materials that suit your needs and your budget. We offer diverse selections of:

  • wooden fences
  • vinyl or PVC or plastic fences
  • chain link and vinyl-coated chain link fences
  • ornamental and aluminum fences
  • fence enclosures

Along with identifying the right design and material, Northeastern Fences will provide expert assistance on color selection derived from years of success helping owners of residential or business properties. Plus, our strong relationship with nationally recognized fence manufacturers connects you to a broad array of designs, materials and shades of color.

Where to find us

In your backyard, your frontyard, at your commercial property. That’s where you’ll find us. Northeastern Fences covers the Capital Region, eastern New York and western Massachusetts. Based in Selkirk, NY, we give our customers all the benefits of nearly 25 years’ experience in the Albany-Troy-Schenectady area – and beyond. More specifically, we serve customers north to Lake George, south to Kingston, west to Amsterdam, and east to Pittsfield. Click here for a breakdown by counties, cities and zip codes.

Call or click

Call (518) 767-9316 today or reach out to us 24/7 by emailing us a brief note. Our fences are waiting.