As you ponder whom to hire as a reputable and trustworthy fence contractor, use the same care you would in hiring any contractor.

  • Hire a true professional.
  • Let’s consider several key points.
  • Look for competence, integrity, and reliability.

By competence, we simply mean you want a fencing contractor that knows fences: materials, installation, care, maintenance, craftsmanship, durability, design, utility. You want to deal with people who know fencing like it’s their business and they’re proud of it.

Northeastern Fences meets that standard.

As for integrity, you want a fencing contractor that has your best interests at heart. You want a contractor you can trust.

Regarding reliability, a good fence contractor shows up on time, prepared, knowledgeable, and well versed in addressing any contingency that arises in the proper design, installation or care of your fence.

As you review fence contractors, the cost is naturally a key consideration. But the cost is ultimately calculated in terms of value. You want durability, usefulness and low maintenance in your fence selection. That’s where value enters the picture. A good contractor provides value not only in materials but also in workmanship. Northeastern Fences is pleased to share our philosophy and rationale on comparison pricing.

Materials and Workmanship

You want your fencing contractor to use materials that hold up against time and weather. You want the contractor to counsel you in selecting the most suitable materials for your commercial or residential property. Northeastern Fences deals with nationwide manufacturers with sterling reputations.

As for workmanship, we’ve been designing and installing fencing for more than 25 years. Northeastern Fences enjoys a fine reputation based on customer satisfaction. Plus, our work is guaranteed.

Proximity is an obvious but notable factor to consider. Northeastern Fences is a go-to source for at least 10 counties around and beyond the Capital District. Within this geographic reach, there are dozens of cities, towns, villages, and hamlets we consider as part of our service area. We are either your neighbors or near your neighbors.


We mentioned reputation, but how do you now if your fencing contractor has a solid reputation? Listen to the contractor’s customers. In our case, we’ve been designing and installing fencing for more than 25 years and have legions of loyal customers. We are always happy to share success stories.

What about honesty and trustworthiness? Perhaps those attributes are more difficult to weigh or hard to judge. Again, nothing is better than good word-of-mouth. If customers are saying a contractor is honest and trustworthy, it’s a good bet the contractor possesses those important qualities.

Northeastern Fences is confident you’ll find those qualities in our work.

Your Review Matters

By leaving a review of your contractors, you help other people in your area by sharing your experience. Whether it’s Northeastern Fences or another company, leaving a review is about helping your fellow friends and neighbors find the best contractor for their needs.

How do I reach Northeastern Fences?

Northeastern Fences is based in Selkirk, NY. Call us at (518) 767-9316 or stop by at 1650 US Route 9W Suite 103. You also can reach Northeastern Fences anytime online.

One final thought. As you review fence contractors, ask around. Find out “the word on the street.” The words you hear about us will be positive. That’s the best review of all.