Hi, neighbors. Did you know Northeastern Fences in Selkirk is only 25 miles away, give or take? That’s 1.16 gallons of gasoline away, or less. And with the low price of fuel these days, we are mere coins and minutes away. If you are thinking fences, think of your neighbors, Northeastern Fences.

The word Schenectady is said to mean “Beyond the Pines” in the Mohawk language. Speaking of pines, Northeastern Fences offers wooden fences made of pine as well as red cedar, white cedar, spruce, hemlock and other durable and sturdy woods. Many homeowners and businesses prefer the traditional look and feel of a wooden fence. Whether you are thinking stockade, picket, lattice, post or rail for your fence design and style, we have the experience and expertise to do it right.

Schenectady is steeped in history. The city enjoys a rich legacy of innovation, hard work and adaptiveness. From Thomas Edison starting the General Electric Company, and George Westinghouse and American Locomotive Works initiating industrial operations in Schenectady, the city and its environs have learned how to prosper by invention and reinvention.

We at Northeastern Fences appreciate the changes Schenectady has undergone in its 300 years. Though our own history is surely much briefer, we understand the need to stay abreast of change and be ready to accommodate it. But certain things stay the same: old-fashioned quality and customer service. Since 1991, that’s what we’ve been delivering as fence and enclosure professional specialists.

And Northeastern Fences doesn’t just sell and install functional and beautiful wooden fences! We’ve also got PVC and vinyl and metal fences in all kinds of colors, shades, designs and styles.

Why do Schenectady residents and business owners want fencing? You want privacy for your property. You want safety, security and beauty to surround your house or business. A properly designed and installed fence is your answer to these needs and concerns. A functional and attractive fence is a value-added asset and property enhancement. Northeastern Fences is your Schenectady-area source for fence excellence.

Enlist our trained professionals to guide you to select the right fence or enclosure to meet your needs. Northeastern Fences will listen to you and advise you so that you make the right choices regarding your fence design and installation. We will engage you in considering a spectrum of factors, including:

  • Safeguarding your property
  • Blocking sunlight or wind
  • Buffering noise
  • Hiding unattractive views or enhancing appealing views
  • Protecting your assets
  • Providing a safe area for children
  • Keeping pets or livestock from running away
  • Guarding your garden
  • Aesthetics

Northeastern Fences will help you make smart choices on fence materials, texture, shape, color and design. Drawing on 25+ years of local success, we proudly offer high-quality selections of:

  • Wooden fence
  • Vinyl/PVC/Plastic fences
  • Chain link and vinyl-covered chain link fences
  • Ornamental and aluminum
  • Enclosures

Plus, our work in the Schenectady area comes with a written warranty.

Call (518) 767-9316 today or stop by and see us in Selkirk. Or contact Northeastern Fences anytime by emailing us.

Just remember: Schenectady has four syllables, but Northeastern Fences has five (but who’s counting?).