Many locals in Clifton Park know that the town has roots that reach back at least to the 1700s, with original native settlers predating that. One can only wonder the role fences played in those early days of defining property boundaries. And protecting them, too.

Today the challenges have changed. They are less extreme. But we share many of the same concerns as our Clifton Park forebears: privacy, pride, protection.

People in today’s Clifton Park have concerns and aspirations as they have had for hundreds of years in one form or another. You desire privacy for the backyard, and maybe the front lawn, too. You want to be able to let your dog out on cold mornings without worrying if your “best friend” might run off.

In Clifton Park, like anywhere else, you want safety, security, and beauty to surround your house or business. A properly designed and installed fence is your answer to those concerns. A functional and attractive fence is a value-added asset and property enhancement.

Northeastern Fences is your local source for fence excellence. Our experts will guide you to select the right fence or enclosure to meet your particular needs. Northeastern Fences will listen to you and advise you so that you are at ease with your fence design and installation. We will help you as you consider:

  • Safeguarding your property, whether residential or commercial
  • Blocking excess sunlight or wind
  • Buffering unwanted noise
  • Hiding unattractive views or enhancing appealing views
  • Protecting your assets
  • Providing a safe play area for children
  • Containing pets or livestock
  • Guarding your garden or crops
  • Adding a touch of beauty


Northeastern Fences will advise you regarding fence materials, texture, shape, color and design. We’ll assist you in fence positioning to meet your functional and aesthetic goals — and your budget. Drawing on experience of more than 25 years and solid and productive relationships with national fence suppliers, we offer high-quality selections of:

  • Wooden fences
  • Vinyl or PVC or plastic fences
  • Chain link and vinyl-coated chain link fences
  • Ornamental and aluminum fences
  • Fence enclosures


Then, we will build and install your fence, and we’ll do it right.

We’re family-owned and operated. Let us be part of your family.

We are very proud of our workmanship. It’s why we have such a great word-of-mouth reputation. When it comes to fence design and installation, our knowledgeable and trained professionals draw on 25 years of success. Our portfolio of excellence is varied in scale, type and application. Plus, our work is guaranteed.

Northeastern Fences is ready to work with our friends in Clifton Park for all your fencing needs. Call us at (518) 767-9316