When you’re planning to update your existing fence gate, it’s important to choose one that matches the style of your property. Fences are generally seen on residential properties to provide enhancing characteristics, privacy and safety issues. No residential fence is complete without a gate. Fence gates offer homeowners and their guests a place to enter the property and can also close off an open space to provide additional security. Fence gates can be locked and opened easily and won’t affect the fence itself. Homeowners are free to choose the gate material—wood, aluminum, vinyl, steel and wrought iron to name a few—that best suits their existing fencing material, or they can be a little more daring and choose a different material altogether.

Time for a New Gate - Albany NY

Keeping fences and gates in good repair is an important part of maintaining your property, whether large or small. A wooden or metal gate can become a heavy burden to open and close if it begins to sag and drag on the ground. Gateposts should be sturdy and set deep to avoid sagging. But unless the posts are set in concrete, even well constructed gates can drag because the posts can give over time. In some areas, the ground is unstable and won’t hold a post well, especially for a heavy gate. For example, frost can push posts upward, making them less secure.

When you’re considering updating your existing gate, you must think carefully and consider all your available options. Many homeowners struggle with the simple task of deciding on a gate height. Normally most fence gates are in line and equal with the fence itself. Homeowners who are interested in providing themselves and their families with a little more privacy, however, often design fence gates that are taller than the fence, as it enhances safety while keeping minor and unwanted pests out as well. To further protect your property you can consider having an automatic fence gate, which is run by a control panel and opens freely and automatically when you need it to. Automatic gates are great for those who work long hours and don’t feel like getting out of the car at midnight to open their gate manually. Automatic systems are inexpensive and can be installed on virtually any fence gate.

The importance of fence gates working properly is a major concern for commercial and residential property owners alike. Providing exceptional residential gate service is a top priority for us at Northeastern Fences. If you need a new fence gate for your garden, front yard, back yard, pet enclosure or swimming pool, there’s no one that can do it quite like us. Fence gates keep homes and businesses secure, private and looking good. You can count on us for high quality fence gate installation on any fence. Affordable rates and same day service are available. Fence gates come in a variety of designs, styles and materials. Since 1991, we’ve provided the Albany-Schenectady-Troy area with high quality and professional fencing. Whether the job is big or small, residential or commercial, for security or ornamental reasons, we’ve got you covered. We even work with contractors! Give us a call today!