A number of currently popular books and articles explore animal behavior. They try to “get into an animal’s head” and imagine how the animal thinks and feels. One writer even hid himself in the woods for hours to simulate a deer’s alertness.

Northeastern Fences won’t go that far, but we sure appreciate dogs and their needs. Based on lots of experience, and endless interviews with our canine friends (or their owners), we know how to design and build an excellent fence for your dog.

Let’s imagine, for a moment, what a dog might like in a dog run in your back yard.

For starters, your dog wants room to run. She wants a space to exercise her legs and run till her heart’s content. Your dog wants boundaries. It might sound obvious or corny, but he appreciates knowing his limits. Remember, your dog wants to please.

Without that enclosure, though, your dog just can’t stop herself. Given the chance, she might keep running. She might chase that squirrel into the next yard or beyond.

Northeastern Fences has ample options for creating practical and attractive fencing.

We install safe and reliable fencing for your beloved canine friend. We devise dependable dog-run fencing that your pet will love. At Northeastern Fences, we will confer with you to use safe and durable fencing materials to create a contained area for your dog to run and play freely and happily. Our designs and materials protect your dog from the opportunity to escape while preventing other animals from intruding onto your dog’s territory.

With a Northeastern Fences dog run, your dog can enjoy the comfort of outdoor freedom. Maybe you want to join in and have some fun with your dog. With a dog-run enclosure, you can play Frisbee with your dog. But if you toss the Frisbee over the fence, you will have to walk outside the enclosure and get it. (At least our design will be tall enough so your dog does not simply leap over the fence in Frisbee exuberance.)

What other considerations come to mind in designing and installing a dog run fence ? You want a safe and humane enclosure. You want fencing materials your dog can’t chew through or dig under. You want a proper height to prevent jumping over, and you want a barrier that keeps out human or animal intruders.

Let us work with you to devise practical and comfortable fencing solutions for your dog.

If you are intent on avoiding an electric fence, and want a safe enclosure for your dog, as well as an enhancement to your property, talk to Northeastern Fences.

Trust Northeastern Fences to suggest useful and affordable fencing options for your dogs. We offer a robust variety of fence sizes, colors and styles that are durable, cost-effective and low-maintenance.

Our experienced experts will help you make the choice that fits your dog’s personality (or is it canine-ality?). As for installation, our knowledgeable and trained professionals draw on 25 years of corporate success.

Call (518) 767-9316 today or stop by our showroom in Selkirk, New York. Contact us 24/7 online. But don’t use a dog whistle to call us. We have our limits.