When it comes to envisioning fencing for your home, many homeowners often struggle with competing ideas and have a hard time narrowing down the available choices. While traditional fence styles (e.g. picket fences) remain extremely popular, there are also many contemporary and modern solutions for homeowners to consider for their property. Whether you’re trying to find a fencing style to provide additional privacy for you and your family or you’re trying to make a statement without saying a word, Northeastern Fences has something for you.

Split Rail Fence - Albany NY - Northeastern

Stockade/Privacy Fences

As the name suggests, many homeowners who opt to go the stockade/privacy fence route do so because they want more privacy. This style of fencing will allow you to transform your space into a secluded hideaway. Decorative options include lattice panel tops with coordinating gates and post caps.

Chain Link Fences

The easiest, most common, and least expensive type of fence material is chain link, used primarily as a functional fence to keep people or animals confined. As the name suggests, chain link fences are made up of links of metal that have been twisted together and attached to upright poles. Upscale chain link fences are vinyl coated for greater durability and longevity.

Picket Fences

Nothing is quite as much a part of our American consciousness as the traditional white picket fence. This attractive design is constructed of heavy-duty commercial-grade vinyl or wood and can feature decorative options including a graceful scalloped top and/or extra wide posts set off by thinner top and bottom rails.

Split-Rail Fences

One of the most common rustic fence styles is the classic split-rail fence, which is constructed of long, rough-hewn beams that are threaded through holes bored out in heavier, rounded posts. Traditionally, split-rail fences were used on farms to keep livestock from straying and were constructed using native American chestnut trees. Today, split-rail fences are constructed primarily of black locust wood.

Post and Rail Fences

Also referred to as estate fencing, post & rail fencing is an updated, contemporary take on the classic split-rail fence. It is typically constructed using a three-rail design, with three square horizontal rails connected to solid, heavy-duty square posts. Post & rail fences can be constructed of wood, vinyl, or metal.

Ornamental Fences

Metal makes an elegant and attractive—albeit expensive—ornamental fence material. Most metal fences feature an open design with widely spaced pickets and are often topped by scrollwork or decorative elements. Aluminum, one of the least expensive metals used for fencing, offers homeowners a durable and long-lasting option.

Whether you want to add more privacy to your property, protect your children and pets, or add to the value of your home, the professionals at Northeastern Fences have you covered. Not sure what type of fencing you want or need? Don’t worry! We can help you decide what style and material will best meet your needs as well as the needs of your family. Just ask! We’ll tell you all about each available option and the benefits of each. Just let us know want your goal is. Our experts can help you choose between different styles and materials that will best complement your space and serve your needs.