Give Your Dog The Freedom He Longs For With A High-Quality Dog Run Fence Enclosure!

Having a dog comes with all sorts of perks. They’re loyal, forgiving, always happy to see you, and they love unconditionally. Not to mention they rarely talk back, and they don’t lecture you when you come home late, smelling of another.

But having a dog also comes with great responsibility. There’s the guilt of not making time to walk them enough, play with them enough, or give them enough time out in the sun. But when you have a Northeastern Fences dog run fence enclosure installed, the guilt will dissolve.

Our dog runs are built to last, and are available in a variety of heights and lengths. Whether you have a Pomeranian or a Great Dane, we can ensure that they stay safe and happy within the fence enclosure.

The Benefits Of Having A Dog Run Fence Enclosure Professionally Installed By Northeastern Fences:

  • You won’t have to stand out in the cold or the sweltering heat waiting for your dog to do his business. With the hot summers and extremely cold winters we’ve been having, that’s a serious blessing – especially if you have a pup that’s very particular about where he leaves his mark.
  • You can feel good knowing that your pet is safe and enjoying a dog’s life, regardless of how busy you are. You’ll enjoy the convenience of simply letting your pooch romp, run and bask in the sun, without affecting your tight schedule.
  • No need to go to the dog park! Have a pooch party at home!
  • Have company that is sensitive to dog hair or pet dander? No more constraining your dog to a single room of the home – just let him spend a little quality time outdoors.

We Can Help!

Whatever style or size dog run you would like, we guarantee you’ll be pleased with our finished product. We stand behind all of our fence installations, and guarantee the highest level of professionalism and customer service.

Need A Kennel Or Kennel Accessories?

Just because your dog doesn’t live indoors doesn’t mean he can’t live a life of luxury. We also have kennels and kennel accessories available, including sunblock shade tops, solid kennel roofs, and kennel clamps. Is Fido a big boy? With our large kennels, he’ll still have plenty of room to stretch, even when he doesn’t have full run of the yard. Shop our selection of quality kennels and kennel accessories.


We can provide the durability and quality you need for your horse and livestock fencing. You can trust our years of experience with all kinds of fence enclosures.