States, cities, towns and villages have varying code requirements regarding design and construction of fences and other enclosures. Before deciding on a design or a contractor, do your homework. Understand the local requirements that will govern the materials and dimensions of your enclosure. As longtime fence experts in the Capital Region, eastern New York and western Massachusetts, Northeastern Fences stands ready to build your next fence – in full compliance with applicable codes and regulations.

White wooden horse fence on country site.

When you apply for a building permit from your municipality, the issuing office will tell you what you need to do to ensure the fence complies with pertinent building or zoning requirements. Northeastern Fences will work with the inspectors or anyone else necessary to install a fence that meets code. Although it is the customer’s responsibility to apply for a permit and to communicate the requirements with Northeastern Fences before fence installation begins, our pros take great pride in delivering a functional and aesthetic work product that conforms to local standards.

Our deep and wide experience in the Albany-Troy-Schenectady area – and beyond – not only applies to the nuts and bolts of fence installation but also to building and zoning code compliance. As smart and experienced local builders, Northeastern Fences understands the value of “doing it right.”

Pool codes are but one common example of requirements governing fence installation. New York and Massachusetts both stipulate a host of minimum standards to foster safety and limit liability for owners of outdoor inground swimming pools. Pool owners must comply with an array of rules, ranging from details to address ingress/egress to personal health and safety and protection from wildlife measures. Compliance with pool enclosure regulations involves dimensions, materials, and structural design, among other safeguards. Beyond New York State and Commonwealth of Massachusetts requirements, local municipalities often add their own set of special standards or zoning restrictions – not just for pools but for other enclosures as well.

The professionals at Northeastern Fences help our customers comply with local codes on dog runs, horse and livestock enclosures, and various agricultural fencing – to name just a few. Closer to home, Northeastern Fences works with homeowners to build code-compliant residential fencing – whether for ornamental or privacy or security purposes. Especially on a local level, homeowners may be unaware of zoning regulations or homeowner association covenants governing fence materials, dimensions, design, or color selection. Know before you build.

Commercial or industrial establishments face their own set of special challenges regarding state or local fence codes. Whether it’s a matter of digging safely to erect a fence, applying for a special-use zoning variance or dealing with surveyors, be smart before you start.

Our regional experience in eastern New York and western Massachusetts applies to both urban and rural settings. We recognize that local building and zoning codes in the Adirondacks or Berkshires differ from zoning or other requirements in cities such as Albany, Amsterdam, Troy, Schenectady or Pittsfield. Whether you build in the country or the city or the suburbs, let Northeastern Fences’ nearly 25 years of dedicated professionalism – right in your own backyard – go to work for you.