First of all, what are FAQs?

Good question, thanks. We shouldn’t assume that everyone knows that acronym. It means “frequently asked questions.” (We won’t get into the tangled debate as to whether the “s” is needed or redundant.) It began as a computing term and has branched to – well – blogs about fences. In case you were wondering, you can pronounce it as either “fak” or “ef-ā-ˈkyü.” Let’s be honest: it should really be FAQAAs, for “frequently asked questions and answers.” What good would it all be without some answers?

What should you look for in a fencing contractor?

You should look for competence, integrity and reliability, for starters. Competence goes at the top of the list. You want a fencing contractor that knows fences: materials, installation, care, maintenance, craftsmanship, durability, design, utility. You want to deal with people who know fencing like it’s their business and they’re proud of it. That’s us at Northeastern Fences. As for integrity, you want a fencing contractor that speaks plain English and truly has your best interests at heart. You want a firm you can trust. Regarding reliability, a good fence contractor shows up on time, prepared, knowledgeable, and well versed in addressing any contingency that arises in the proper design, installation or care of your fence.

What about cost? Isn’t cost important?

Cost is critical. But let’s re-frame cost as value. A competitor might offer a lower price. What’s that mean? What’s the long-term value of your purchase? With fencing, you want durability, usefulness and low maintenance. That’s where value enters the picture in terms of materials and workmanship. A lower price does not automatically yield customer satisfaction. Sometimes a lower cost translates to shoddy results. No one wants that, in the short or long run. Northeastern Fences is pleased to share our philosophy and rationale on comparison pricing.

How does proximity enter into one’s consideration of a fencing contractor?

Northeastern Fences is a go-to source for 10+ counties around and beyond the Capital District. Within this geographic reach, there are dozens of cities, towns, villages and hamlets as part of our service area. We are either your neighbors or near your neighbors. Proximity is a relevant factor in choosing a fencing contractor — if for no other reason than your own personal convenience and comfort.

How important is the quality of materials?

You want your fencing contractor to use superior materials that hold up against time and weather. And you want the firm to give you solid guidance in selecting the most suitable materials for your commercial or residential property. Northeastern Fences deals with nationwide manufacturers with sterling reputations.

What about the quality of workmanship?

Obviously, that is extremely important. We’ve been designing and installing fencing for more than 25 years, and we enjoy a fine reputation based on customer satisfaction. Plus, our work is guaranteed.

How do I reach Northeastern Fences?

Northeastern Fences is based in Selkirk, NY and serves Albany, NY and the Capital District Region. You also can reach Northeastern Fences 24/7 online or by calling 518-767-9316.