There are many ways to customize a wood fence to fit your needs and budget

There are many ways to customize a wood fence to fit your needs and budget

There are a lot of things to think about when considering your purchase of new fencing. Temperature, budget, aesthetics, longevity, and quality are all things prospective buyers must consider. Going with one particular type of fencing though can make this decision quite easy: a wood fence. Wood fences address all of the concerns that someone considering this purchase might have because it’s, pardon the pun, a very solid choice. It’s actually extremely hard to go wrong with a wood fence. However, there are other things to consider than just the type of fencing material you prefer: design is extremely important, especially where aesthetics are concerned.


Once you’ve decided to go with wood, the idea of new fencing isn’t quite as daunting anymore because it’s so versatile. Choices for your wood fence material include red cedar, white cedar, pine, spruce, and hemlock, just to name a few. The decision boils down to picking the one that requires the least amount of compromise on your part. You want one that stands up well to the weather and insects with which it’ll be faced here in the northeast, as well as which is most affordable for you. Many of these woods actually symbolize different things and can convey certain messages to the outside world.


Wood offers a great deal of customization in terms of the design. It can be built to: create total privacy from your neighbors, blend into the surrounding landscape, or even create a rustic look. The wood can also be cut into a variety of different shapes to enhance your home’s curb appeal and aesthetic. Even the pattern in which the wood is installed can go a long way towards enhancing the curb appeal and aesthetics of your property. You can opt to go with a: stockade/privacy fence, picket fence, latticework fence, post fence or rail fence. Going with wood fencing can make things a lot more fun and creative that you may have realized.


When installing a fence that will stand up to the harsh northeastern winters and sweltering summers, the choice of whether to paint or stain really boils down to the look you’re ultimately going for. Both can help increase the longevity of your wood fence along with creating a great look. You can stain your fence if you want a more understated look that blends in, or you can paint it a myriad of colors if you want to make a bit of a bolder statement.

Your fence is a substantial investment and takes up a huge amount of your yard when finished. The customization option that a wood fence allows you is a great opportunity to make a statement about you, your home, and your personality. Here at Northeastern Fences, we offer a large selection of wood fence styles in a variety of wood materials. We’re confident that whatever style, color or type of wooden fence you’re looking for, our fencing experts can make it a reality. For more information or to schedule an appointment, give us a call at (518) 767-9316!