There are a plethora of factors to consider if you’re in the market for a new fence. (Don’t bother looking up “plethora.” Just substitute “a lot, a real lot.”) We at Northeastern Fences are schooled by experience on this topic. Let’s consider several angles.

First, some reasons for a fence.

Weather Conditions

A fence provides protection against natural forces (we mean weather, not earthquakes). For example, an appropriately positioned snow fence can cut down on drifting, help you with snow removal or protect portions of your house or business from the ravages of heavy snow. And in warmer seasons, a fence can provide shading or buffer your property from wind or noise.

Safety, Privacy, and Security

Consider a fence for overall safety and security, pool code compliance, pet or livestock enclosure, a barrier against human or animal intrusions, privacy for your business or residential property, or guarding your garden or crops.

Beauty and Aesthetics

Aesthetic enhancement is a solid reason for fencing. Northeastern Fences offers many ornamental and decorative choices. You might be surprised at how much these improvements prettify your property.

Reasons for fencing is only part of the equation.

The other end of the equation is: OK, I understand the need for a fence. Now, what do I consider as I purchase one?

Cost and Value

A fence or an enclosure represents a long-term investment in your home or business, and your return on investment pays off only if the product and workmanship stand the test of time. Northeastern Fences guarantees the quality and professional installation of our fences. We are that confident in the fairness of our pricing and the durability of our product.

Any well designed and implemented home or business improvement adds monetary value. Fencing adds to your overall property value.

Materials, Color, Function, and Style

Northeastern Fences has a robust portfolio of fence types, materials, textures, and colors. We offer diverse selections of:

  • wooden fences
  • vinyl or PVC or plastic fences
  • chain link and vinyl-coated chain link fences
  • ornamental and aluminum fences
  • fence enclosures

Durability, Maintenance, and Environmentally Sustainability

Ask us about how long your fence should last, how to take care of it, and its environmental impacts. For example, vinyl fencing has ecological advantages in terms of sustainability. Vinyl can be recycled. The vinyl material is non-toxic. Unlike many wood treatments, vinyl is not treated with harmful or hazardous chemicals.


We’ve been designing and installing fencing for more than 25 years and have scores of satisfied customers. We are proud to share stories of customer satisfaction. Plus, Northeastern Fences guarantees the quality and professional installation of our fences.

Northeastern Fences serves the Capital Region, eastern New York and western Massachusetts. Based in Selkirk, NY, we cover a wide geographic region.

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Sure, there are other factors to consider to suit your personal situation. Ask us. We’ll be glad to weigh in. We talk fences.