Do you want to install a fence, but aren’t sure that it is cost-effective enough for your situation? Whether you are trying to make your home or business more secure, keep your pets wrangled up, or keep nature out of your yard, we at Northeastern Fences have a wide variety of chain link fencing options for you that won’t break the bank.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing is an affordable option because it is cheap to produce and relatively easy to install. They are made by weaving heavy gauge galvanized steel wiring together to form a steel mesh. This makes chain link a very secure, strong, and durable fencing choice. Since it is made from wire, it allows you to see outside your yard, won’t shade your garden, and allows for air and water to flow in and out of your yard easily. Because of its affordability and its ability to keep property secure, chain link fencing has become a popular fencing choice for homeowners, businesses, and municipalities alike.

Chain Link Options

At Northeastern Fencing, we know that people have different needs and different tastes. That’s why we have a wide variety of options for your chain link fence. For residential homeowners, we offer vinyl coated chain link fencing. This means that you have more color options than just the look of plain steel. Being able to have a black, brown, green or white chain link fence can really step up the aesthetics of your home.

For commercial and municipal use, we offer high-security options for our chain link fencing. Higher fences are harder to climb and get over. This is great for anyone trying to protect their property, construction zones, hazardous areas, livestock, or heavy machinery, just to name a few. However, tall chain link fencing can also keep things within the desired area. This is important for outdoor basketball and tennis courts where you desire to keep balls contained. For ultimate security, we also provide chain link fencing with barbed wire or razor wire running along the top.

Let Northeastern Fences help you find an affordable chain link fence that suits your security needs. To get a free estimate on a new chain link fence, call us at 518-767-9316 or stop by our showroom at 1650 US Route 9W, Suite #103 in Selkirk, NY. We look forward to helping you today!