Sure, some days you might feel like installing a chain link fence inside your own house. Crazy, right? But we all have those days. Some days some of us feel like putting a chain link fence outside our teenager’s door or between squabbling siblings, spouses or whatever. However, realistically — and sanely — speaking, chain link fences belong outdoors.

Northeastern Fences fully understands that – except for some sort of bizarre or exceedingly rare circumstance – chain link fences are installed outside. And outside affords many practical opportunities for this type of fence installation.

Notice that our headline says, “Where can I install a chain link fence?” Correct that. Change “I to “we.” Rely on the experienced experts at Northeastern Fences to help you select a chain link fence design and style. Then leave the installation to professionals.

As for the question of where to install a chain link fence, there are numerous and varied possibilities, both silly and serious. At the risk of almost, but not quite, sounding like Dr. Seuss, let us suggest a few places where you can go with a chain link fence.

  • In your yard, in front or back, to keep Buster the Dog from running away.
  • By the pool, as you keep your cool.
  • With a gate, or none at all, whether the fence is short or tall.
  • Around your business, to keep it safe; or around your home to protect your world.
  • As a backstop, outfield fence or tennis-ball barrier. Or for steel cage wrestling matches, indoor or outdoor. (Unlikely, but we’re open-minded.)
  • At a park, where dogs can bark.
  • Around a church, where souls are saved.
  • As part of a house, so you can call it art.
  • To keep people or animals in, or out, you decide.


So, whether your chain link fence is near or far, high or wide, long or short, trust Northeastern Fences to suggest practical and affordable options for your residence, business, sports venue or whatever property may require fencing.

We offer a rich variety of chain link fence sizes, colors and styles. One option might be a silver, galvanized steel chain link fence. An alternative chain link fence choice might be a powder-coated or vinyl-coated style in black, dark brown, dark green or white.

Wherever you have a chain link fence installed — indoors or outdoors, on your roof or on the ground — rest assured that it gives you durable, cost-effective and low-maintenance protection for years to come. Northeastern Fences’ experienced experts will help you find the right style, size and gauge for you and your needs. We work with nationally recognized suppliers whose products are of the highest caliber.

When it comes to installation, our knowledgeable and trained professionals are ready to apply the lessons learned from more than 25 years in the business.

Call (518) 767-9316 today or if you prefer, email Northeastern Fences at any time. Where can we install your chain link fence? Let’s find out.