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Avoid Chasing Your Livestock Around With Livestock Fencing Options

Fall is here and winter will be settling in on us sooner than we think. When it gets cold outside, the work on your farm doesn’t slow down. In fact, freezing temperatures mean that you need to check on your animal’s well-being more often if you want to keep them from getting sick or injured. Fencing is a good way to protect your livestock in the winter. Not only do fences keep your livestock where you want them to stay, it also keeps predators who may be looking for an easy meal in the winter away from your livestock. Furthermore, if your animals are grazing on large areas of land, you will want a place to keep them sheltered in case of a winter storm. This is especially true for any younger livestock that you may own.Avoid Chasing Your Livestock Image - Albany NY - Northeastern Fences

Whether you have a large ranch or a small hobby farm, having the proper fencing for your animals is an important part of every winter livestock management plan. At Northeastern Fences, we want to help make caring for your livestock easier.

Why Choose Us?

We have a wide variety fencing available, so whatever your winter fencing needs may be, we got you covered. However, there are other important things to consider when choosing a fencing company. Winter weather can be incredibly tough on your fencing. Fencing boards and wires that are improperly installed can contract in the cold, causing them to break or snap. This can lead to your animals escaping, putting them in danger of becoming lost, causing you headaches. At Northeastern Fences, our fencing experts know what it takes to properly install fencing so that it will last through the cold. If fact, we’re so sure of the quality of our work, that we guarantee every fence installation that we do.

We Care

At Northeastern Fences, we know that your livestock is your livelihood. We also know that a properly installed livestock fence is one of most important components in your winter livestock winter plan. With so much at stake, you need peace of mind knowing that your fencing will be guaranteed to hold up this winter. If you are looking to install new fencing or upgrade your old fencing to meet the needs of your winter livestock management plan, please stop by our showroom or contact us today to talk to one of our fencing experts and see what we can do for you today!

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Worried About Your Home’s Aesthetic? We have a Variety of Wood Fencing Options

Would you like to install a fence on your property, but are worried about how it might look? At Northeastern Fences, we know that all fences are not created equal. We also know that matching the right fence for your property can make a big difference in aesthetic value. We offer a wide variety of wood fencing options to help assure that we have fence perfect for you.

Stockade FencesVariety of Wood Fencing Options Image - Albany NY - Northeastern Fences

Stockade fences are the perfect mix of privacy and beauty. Stockade fences do not contain gaps, so they offer more privacy than other fences. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the look of your property though. We offer a wide variety of stockade fence patterns created from a variety of different woods.

Picket Fences

Nothing beats a classic. That’s why we offer some of the most beautiful picket fence styles. Although the classic color for a picket fence is white, we offer picket fences a wide variety of colors, sizes, and wood types.

Post Fences

If you are looking for something a little more simple, a post fence might be right for you. Some people prefer post fences because they do not hide as much of their property as other fence types do. If you feel like post fences are a little too simple for you, remember that you can always add decorative post caps to your fence to add a touch of flavor to your property.

Types of Wood

It is important to know that not all wood is created equal and that there are benefits and drawbacks to any type of wood you choose for us to build your fence out of. Choosing the right wood can seem daunting, but with a little guidance from one of our fencing professionals, you can be sure that you will be satisfied with the fence. We even provide a written warranty on every fence that we install.


At Northeastern Fences, we know it can be tricky to pick out the perfect fence for your property. Furthermore, if your fence is not installed properly, it can not only look bad, but also create a safety issue. If you are worried about picking and installing the right fence for your property, come to our showroom and let one of our fencing professionals show you all our wood fence options available to you.

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Enjoy a Backyard Bonfire in Privacy! Install a Privacy Fence

At Northeastern Fences, we believe summer and autumn are the perfect time for building a bonfire in your backyard. Bonfires can provide the perfect ambiance for backyard parties or family get-togethers. Nothing beats sitting around a fire with friends and family to tell stories, sing campfire songs, and who can say no to s’mores? But there are a number of things you need to consider before building a backyard bonfire regarding materials needed, safety and privacy.

Materials NeededEnjoy a Backyard Bonfire in Privacy! Install a Privacy Fence Image - Albany NY - Northeastern Fences

To get a fire started you will need an ignition source (matches or a lighter), tinder, and kindling. There are a number of different strategies that you can employ to start your fire (see here). Once started, fires need fuel to burn and in the case of bonfires, the preferred fuel is usually wood. The best type of wood to use in your bonfire is hardwood that has been cured. Cured wood is wood that has been dried out for a long time (usually more than a year). Uncured wood produces more smoke and has smaller flames.

You also need something to contain your fire. A lot of people like to have an established place in their backyard for bonfires. Having an established bonfire area allows you to burn the same place over and over again while keeping the rest of your lawn in great condition. Some cities or homeowners associations will also require fire to be burnt within a firepit. Firepits are structures in which a fire is burned. They can be a as simple as a ring made of metal or stone used to contain a fire, or they can be very elaborate structures designed for maximum bonfire enjoyment.


It is always best to err on the side of caution when fire is involved. Here are some safety tips to keep in mind when making a bonfire. If you are using a fire starter, make sure you are using one designed to start fires (such a lighter fluid) and always follow the recommended usage instructions. Never use gasoline or alcohol to start a fire. Do not burn a fire in areas that you are not allowed. Some areas have permanent or temporary burn bans due to climate. Dry vegetation can catch fire and easily get out of control. Always clear any flammable debris within a 10 foot area around your fire and try to avoid placing fires under any low hanging vegetation. Lastyly, be sure your fire is totally extinguished with water before you leave it.


Bonfires are a fun family activity, but if you live in the suburbs, you may feel like you are throwing a bonfire for the whole neighborhood. More and more, it seems as homes are being built closer together. Having neighbors is great, but you may not always share your family moments with everyone in the neighborhood. A privacy or stockade fence may be exactly what you are looking for. At Northeastern Fences we know you value your privacy, so visit us today to see how we can meet your privacy fence needs.

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Make Winter Easy for Your and Your Pet: Install a Yard Fence

Just like you, we at Northeastern Fences, love our pets, but it can be frustrating when our furry friends wake you up in the early morning wanting to go outside, especially during the chilly New York winters. Wouldn’t you like to be able to just open a door and let your pet run free instead of having to bundle up and walk outdoors in the bitter cold? Well, you can! Installing a yard fence can benefit both you and your pet. How, you may ask?

ComfortMake Winter Easy for Your and Your Pet Install a Yard Fence - Albany NY - NE Fences

Although you may think it’s too cold to play outside, that doesn’t mean your pets do! A lot of pets love running around and playing in the snow. Although this may be fun for your pets, you may not feel like being outside in the cold with them. With a yard fence, you both can get your way. A yard fence allows you to open the door and let your furry friends play outside while you stay inside in the nice warm house. It also gives your pets the freedom to run around in the snow without being constrained by a leash.


Ice can be a hazard to both you and your pet. When sidewalks get slippery, the chances of slipping and getting injured increase. Walking a pet on ice increases the chances of you slipping even more. Even though slipping can also be a hazard to your pets, the biggest ice related threat to your pet is when we try to get rid of ice. A lot of the salts used for melting ice can cause considerable damage to your pet’s paws. Ice melt products tend to dry our paws causing them to become sore and cracked. You can keep your pet’s paws safe by letting them run around your fenced in yard, rather than on icy or salted sidewalks.

Call Us Today

Remember, although your pets may love playing in the cold, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t susceptible to the dangers that come with cold weather. Be sure to check on your pets often and let them inside if you think they are getting too cold. Always be sure to follow the recommended winter safety tips to avoid injuries to your pet.

Winter is just around the corner, so if you want to enjoy the comfort of your home while your pet friends get to enjoy the outdoors, please visit us at Northeastern Fences today to get an estimate on installing a yard fence. You and you furry friends will be glad you did! We service the Albany, Schenectady, Troy area and have helped thousands since 1993. Call today at 518-767-9316.

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Chain Link Fence FAQs

Why would I want a chain link fence?

There are as many reasons to get a chain link fence as there are homeowners, commercial businesses, sports facilities, and other organizations. A chain link fence can improve security, protect property, prevent potential hazards, keep animals in or out, assure pool safety, serve athletic needs, demonstrate artistic creativity, or reduce liability. The list goes on.

But why chain link as opposed to other types of fences?Chain Link Fence FAQs Image - Albany NY - Northeastern Fences

Personal preference is, of course, one factor. Other reasons include durability and cost-effectiveness. A huge consideration is a low maintenance that a chain link fence affords. There’s no wood to treat or replace or repair over the course of time. You get easy-to-care-for protection for years to come.

Are there environmental benefits?

If you have vinyl-coated chain link fencing, the vinyl has ecological advantages in terms of sustainability. Vinyl can be recycled and is non-toxic. Unlike many wood treatments, vinyl is not treated with harmful chemicals. And choosing chain link instead of wood means you are not exhausting the natural resources of forests.

What about cost and long-term value?

Quite simply, chain link fencing offers one of the most affordable and economical fencing alternatives available. As we said, add to this the fact it is durable and virtually maintenance-free.

Do you offer variety in chain link fence design and style?

Northeastern Fences offers a variety of chain link fence sizes, colors, and styles. One option might be a silver, galvanized steel chain link fence. An alternative chain link fence choice might be a powder-coated or vinyl-coated style in black, dark brown, dark green or white. Our experts will help you find the right style, size, and gauge. We work with nationally recognized suppliers whose products are of the highest caliber.

What about fence installation?

Choose professionals who have a sterling reputation and solid customer feedback and reviews. When it comes to installation, our knowledgeable and trained professionals are ready to apply the lessons learned from more than 25 years in the business.

Can you help us navigate the whole fence-buying process?

A chain link fence experts in the Capital Region, eastern New York and western Massachusetts, Northeastern Fences can help you clarify and discern your individualized needs. We can guide you in your decision-making. For example, a silver, galvanized steel chain link fence, with a sturdy framework and secure fittings, gives you durable, cost-effective and low-maintenance protection for years to come. We can assist you in finding find the size and gauge that gives you the chain link fence that is exactly right for your setting and needs. Our nationally recognized suppliers conform to the highest industry standards.

Can you give us any assurances after the sale and installation?

At Northeastern Fences, we provide a written warranty for every single fence we install. We don’t run away and abandon you after the transaction is completed.

How do I reach Northeastern Fences?

Northeastern Fences is based in Selkirk, NY and has served the Albany, Schenectady, Troy area since 1993. Call us at (518) 767-9316 or stop by at 1650 US Route 9W. Suite 103. You also can reach Northeastern Fences anytime online.

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