Don’t Want a Wood Fence? Let’s Look at Your Options

If you’re not into the look of wood fencing or are disinterested in the maintenance required of this type of fencing, you now have more attractive and durable alternatives to look at than ever before. In fact, if you do prefer the look of wood but just don’t like the way it holds up over the years, there are many more durable products that you will want to consider as they look very much like real wood.

What is most important to you? The look of your fence? Durability? Price?

What is most important to you? The look of your fence? Durability? Price?

Here are three of the wood fencing alternatives we install most often for our customers around Albany:

1.      Vinyl, PVC, or Plastic Fences: There exists a huge variety of vinyl, PVC, and plastic fences,  in styles including privacy, lattice top, picket, rail, crossbuck, ornamental, post and rail, and split rail. These fences are available in classic and versatile colors like tan, gray, clay, and almond. The advantages of these types of fences include that they are weather resistant, and won’t chip, fade, rust, rot, or peel. They won’t need to re-stained, and your family won’t pick up splinters from them. Beyond all other selling points, these fences are incredibly durable.

2.      Ornamental & Aluminum Fences: An ornamental or aluminum fence, often used when a homeowner wants a beautiful fence to gate the perimeter of their property for safety or privacy reasons. Aluminum is used as a more affordable and lower maintenance alternative to wrought iron fencing. Aluminum won’t rust like iron, but still provides every bit of the beauty and sturdiness of an iron fence.

3.      Chain Link Fences: The chain link fence  is maybe the most functional of all fences and works great on properties both residential and commercial where the priority is on security and cost. In addition to the classic silver galvanized chain link fence, there is now powder or vinyl-coated fencing, available in a variety of colors. Chain link fences also give you the option of adding barbed wire, razor ribbon, or electrical grounding to the top of your fence for ultimate security.

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