Advantages of an Aluminum Fence

When you hear “aluminum fence,” you may think of something purely utilitarian. The aluminum fence, however, has made a lot of strides in recent decades and is now available in ornamental styles that mimic almost exactly the expensive-yet-high-maintenance look of wrought iron fencing.

At Northeastern Fences, which serves the Albany, New York, area, we now install more aluminum fencing than ever before. For many of our customers, it seems to offer the best solution at the right price with the most beautiful aesthetic. Read on for more about aluminum fencing.

What’s So Great About an Aluminum Fence?

Did you know that aluminum may take over 10,000 years to completely disintegrate? This is but one of the many reasons we love this material, especially in an exterior space where it is bound to take a beating.

Aluminum fencing is sturdy, long-lasting and affordable.

Aluminum fencing is sturdy, long-lasting and affordable.

Without further adieu, here are the Top 10 reasons why we love an aluminum fence:

  1. Aluminum is less expensive than wrought iron.
  2. The upkeep on aluminum is much easier, as it doesn’t need to be painted every few years like wrought iron fences do.
  3. Aluminum fences are available in an assortment of heights, styles, picket spacings, and colors.
  4. Aluminum fences can serve many purposes and look great around swimming pools, yard perimeters, and commercial lots.
  5. Aluminum fences are also a great way to fence in pets.
  6. Because it’s not a “ferric” metal, aluminum does not rust like iron.
  7. Black aluminum fencing provides a beautiful, classic aesthetic.
  8. Aluminum fences may provide superior security over wooden fencing, especially if your aluminum fencing is assembled with spear-topped pickets.
  9. Most aluminum fences are also able to easily adjust to the slope of your land, so that there will be no gaps when the fencs goes up or down a grade.
  10. Aluminum fences are nearly indestructible.

Of course not all aluminum fences are created equal. At Northeastern Fences we’ll make sure you get a fence that’s built to last.

In addition to aluminum fences, Northeastern Fences installs wooden fences, vinyl, PVC, and plastic fences, and chain link fencing. We can give you a variety of quotes to inform your decision and are happy to make recommendations based on our years of experience.