Education Is Important In Guilderland & Northeastern Fences Helps Educate You About Fence Options

The importance of providing students with a quality education dates back to the 1800s in Guilderland and continues today. The team at Northeastern Fences knows that an educated customer makes better choices when it comes to purchasing their fence. We assist our customers with options and information in choosing the type fence product and design to fulfill their residential and commercial fencing objectives. One size does not fit all; there are advantages and disadvantages to each fence material and we can help you evaluate which is best for you. Here are some of the type fences we offer:

Northeastern Fences is known for our customer satisfaction and competitive prices. When you do business with us, you will receive quality materials along with expert design and installation service. Our customers continue to provide positive references and recommendations for us based on our quality workmanship. Whether your fence will be at your home or commercial property, you are in good hands when it comes to doing business with Northeastern Fences. We want you and everyone who sees your fence to be impressed with the improvements in your curb appeal as well as well as recognize the security your fence offers.

Guilderland…Yesterday and Today

The area we know as Guilderland was originally part of the New Netherland colony dating back to the 17th century. The area provided its settlers with abundant forests, streams, and sand. The forests provided wood to use as building materials and fuel; the streams were perfect for constructing waterwheels for grinding wood and wheat; and sand was the basis for glass making. Commerce continued to expand and develop in the Guilderland area and in 1795, the father and son team of Jan and Leonard de Neufville opened a glass plant in the area and manufactured windows and bottles which attracted more commerce and population to the Guilderland area. The once thriving glass business was closed in the early 1800s because it couldn’t compete with British imports. A textile manufacturing facility opened in its place and manufactured hats for the next 200 years and attracted other textile manufacturers to the Guilderland area as well.

Guilderland was established in 1803 and in 1845 the first two-room schoolhouse in Guilderland was built. There were 70 area students who attended classes for 72 days a year. Teachers were paid $1.70 a year for each student who attended. A one-room school house was also located on the site where noted explorer and geologist Henry Rowe Schoolcraft studied. Schoolcraft’s descendants would play a major role in developing commerce, attracting travelers and expanding residences in Guilderland.

Today, the Guilderland Police Department is based in the restored District 4 School on Willow Street.

Crossgates Mall shares its venue with the Pine Bush Preserve. The Crossgates Mall and Pine Bush Preserve combine modern and convenient commerce with natural resources dating back centuries. When Crossgates opened in 1984, its location on the Pine Bush site was very controversial as it was thought the commercial facility would destroy the long history and beauty of the native site. Today, Crossroads is one of the largest shopping, dining and entertainment facilities in the area and it co-exists with the Pine Bush Preserve. The Preserve maintains the streams, wildlife and native vegetation area which can be traced back 8000 years for visitors to enjoy.

Guilderland is a strikingly diverse area combining its rich history with modern commerce. As you drive through the community and surrounding area, you will know that the fences we create and install for you will enhance and sustain the functionality, security and aesthetics of this fine community. Call Northeastern Fences for all your residential and commercial fencing needs.


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