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Not only do we know the difference between the “Village of Catskill” and “The Catskills”, the team at Northeastern Fences knows how to provide you with the proper fence to meet your needs. Here are most common fences we offer:

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We Love To Do Business In Catskill

The Village of Catskill is one of the most beautiful and well maintained areas of upstate New York. The area is rich in historic architecture, natural beauty, and unique and diverse community-spirited residents. We love being part of the community and seeing our fences pepper the beautiful neighborhoods in Catskill.

Perhaps the most recognizable person to be associated with Catskill is Uncle Sam! Lore has it that Catskill resident Samuel Wilson inspired the larger-than-life fictional character dressed in a red, white, and blue suit we have come to know as Uncle Sam. Wilson was a U.S. meat inspector in Catskill in the early 1800s. He would stamp “U.S.” on the boxes he inspected before they were shipped to the soldiers during the War of 1812. The US insignia was morphed into “Uncle Sam”. Ever since, “Uncle Sam” has been associated with the United States. Even the bridge that connects the East and West sides of Catskill Creek is named in his honor.

The Bridge Street Theatre is the fulfillment of a dream for its founders as well as residents of Catskill and the surrounding area. Located across the Uncle Sam Bridge, Bridge Street is home to the Kaliyuga Arts and draws other guests and performers to Catskill. Even as the extensive renovations to the 12,000 square foot old factory warehouse on West Bridge Street were taking place, the first performances were held to sold out audiences in May of 2014 in the Speakeasy. The theatre will be part of this multi-use facility that will also house offices, an apartment and warehouse.

Catskill also serves as a living example of some of the finest architecture in the area. Homes and buildings designed in the Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian style showcase the history of Catskill as well as the dedication of its residents to restore, maintain, and preserve it.

Catskill Creek and the Hudson River merge to provide Catskill’s visitors and residents with a uniquely beautiful waterfront experience. Ramshorn-Livingston Sanctuary elevates the term “swamp” to a new level. Technically the area is a “forested tidal swamp”; however for those who love nature, it is paradise. The Sanctuary is open all four seasons for visitors to kayak, canoe, hike, cross country ski and walk along its 480 acres. At the Sanctuary you will see an abundance of wildflowers, grasses, rock formations, trees and wildlife ranging from over 36 varieties of dragonflies, birds, to water and land-dwelling animals.

The residents of Catskill are to be commended for their efforts in preserving the rich history of the area as well as planning for the future. Northeastern Fences is proud to offer our services to enhance the property values in the area and uphold the aesthetic beauty of the Village of Catskill. Contact us today!


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