“How do I fence thee? Let me count the ways,” to paraphrase the famous poem by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

More accurately, “why do I fence thee? Let me count the ways.”

Let’s count five ways why fencing matters.

5 Benefits

Please allow Northeastern Fences this accounting of the major benefits of fencetude. (We just made that word up.)

1. Adding value. Any well designed and implemented home or business improvement adds monetary value. If you paint your house or replace your roof, you’re making an investment in the future and maintaining or adding monetary value of your property. Plain and simple, a properly designed and installed fence adds value to your property.

2. Privacy. A carefully selected and built fence system adds to your privacy. By extension, this approach to privacy may also include shading and sound buffering.

3. Safety and security. Fencing adds safety and security for your property. For a homeowner, fencing might protect you from liability involving your pool. For a business, a fence can help to protect inventory or other materials.

4. Full and free use of your yard. This is especially relevant to pet owners. It is a huge convenience, plus unquestionably practical, to have a fenced area for your dog. For that matter, an enclosure also provides ease of mind in caring for young children.

5. Aesthetic or decorative enhancement. Take a careful look at the ornamental and decorative choices we offer. You might be surprised at how much these improvements prettify your property.

We Provide Options and Satisfaction

Northeastern Fences offers a plethora of fencing options that incorporate both function and aesthetics. Whether your enclosure is chiefly for privacy or for decorative purposes, we can enhance the look and feel and security of your home or business. Northeastern Fences has been serving the Capital District and beyond for more than 25 years. Our satisfied customers are pleased to endorse the quality of our craftsmanship.

Call (518) 767-9316 or stop by at 1650 US Route 9W, Suite 103 in Selkirk, New York, to see how we can add value to your property through fencing.

Northeastern Fences offers professionally installed enclosures made of whitewood, red cedar, pine, spruce, hemlock and more. And that’s just wooden fences! We’ve also got PVC and vinyl and metal fences in all sorts of colors, shades, designs and styles.

No matter what style, design, color or type of fence you choose, you will be the recipient of our superior workmanship.

Our products stand the test of time. Northeastern Fences guarantees the quality and professional installation of our fences.

Contact Us

Northeastern Fences gives free estimates. Call us at (518) 767-9316 or stop by at 1650 US Route 9W in Selkirk, New York. We cordially invite you to browse our showroom for our rich and varied portfolio of fence designs and styles.

Now is the time to count the ways of fence love. Five is a start, but our customers know there are more benefits than that resulting from a solid and handsome fence.